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All-In-One Streaming Video Management Platform

Easily integrate live streaming and video on-demand content throughout your organization.

Live Streaming & Webcasting

Webcast your message

Deliver live streaming HD content to all authorized viewers on any device.

Record any live video, including special events, TV shows, sporting events, CEO addresses, meetings, and webinars.

Unlimited Display

Digital Signage

Display Digital Signage anywhere, everywhere, anytime, with granular control.

Show live video, text, images, PowerPoint, or web pages, with an unlimited variety of content and displays.

Desktop, Web and SMS

Priority Alert

great for showing important news and information at anytime, like live all hands events and morning announcements.

Show a message, a live video stream, a recorded video, or a web page for the duration of the alert.

We Do have wide array of versatile video encoders
will help ensure a high quality of your digital media stream, capture, and delivery.

We Bring it the way you like it


Manage and Search Your Video Content

Organize your content into unlimited channels, allowing you and your staff to create collections of subject matter of your choice. Each collection has its own security, so your collections are safe from prying eyes.

Automatic Encoding/Transcoding

Upload videos that you recorded. Automatically transcodes your legacy Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and other formats. Upgrading from a legacy video system? No problem, you won’t lose your content.

AI and Professional Closed Captioning

Using the latest AI technology, your recorded or uploaded videos can be automatically captioned,

for ADA and ethical needs, and to enable more powerful search. Professional captioning services are also available allowing you to automatically create perfect captions for any video

Multiview Skills Assessment & More

With multiple cameras aimed at a training, simulation, or “focus group” environment, DEVOS allows you to show up to four simultaneous views.

Each viewer can adjust their view at will without affecting others. And when you record this Multiview video, the videos play back in synchronism. Now you can fully capture the event, whether multiple cameras or video feeds from instrument displays, etc.


Want to automatically record the lecture in room 101 every weekday at 9AM? Want to turn the power off on all TV’s every afternoon at 5PM? .

it can schedule the recording of 3rd party streams too. Internet-of-Things (IoT) control of virtually anything via IP or IR control give you the scheduling control you need in a comprehensive enterprise video platform..

360 Video

Using our Insta360 camera (or other compatible cameras), stream live video with amazing 360 degree capture.

The viewer can look around and decide what interests them. Record the 360 video and your on-demand video has fully captured the experience.

Testing and Measurement

Embed questions in any video and to measure the answers. While this allows you to easily “grade” viewer performance,

it also allows you to verify an assigned video is actually watched. Learning Tools feature allows you to assemble videos, images, documents, and questions to create a full training course,

Reduce Bandwidth & Keep Quality

For remote locations, other building, branch offices, etc., simply place an economical StreamPump (Product).

t acts as a bandwidth amplifier for your network. Viewers in those locations actually receive the live and VoD content from the StreamPump near to them, vastly reducing bandwidth usage on valuable network resources.

More and more features let us show you more.

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